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Leading Edge Grand Prix is an established professional race team and will carry on the tradition of race winning performance that is part of the DNA in all of our personnel. For 30 years (as ASR) we have operated very successful race programs in just about every professional road racing series including; Indy Lights, Formula 4, Formula BMW, American Le Mans, Trans Am, and Bridgestone Supercar Series, capturing numerous victories at legendary events like the 12 hours of Sebring (ALMS LMP2).

Leading Edge Grand Prix is a multi-national team that has provided race winning support for drivers from Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Denmark and Canada, as well as the USA, and for both male and female drivers. Over the years, many well-known Champions have driven our cars, including; Guy Cosmo, Robbie Pecorari, Boris Said, Tomy Drissi, Dorsey Schroeder, John Paul, Jr. and Cyndie Allemann, just to name a few.

Leading Edge Grand Prix is a culmination of some of the best and most experienced Team members in motorsports from Team management, engineering to mechanics with personnel from the highest levels of the sport.

We feel that the progression from various junior formula to Pro Mazda then Indy Lights and Indycar is the logical and most cost effective step for young drivers who are seeking a career in Indycar and we will provide that progression for our drivers, as well as, opportunities for those who want to race in other top level formula around the World.

With Pro Mazda's Championship prize and event prize purse totalling well over $1 million distributed and a new Mazda street car of choice for the Rookie of the Year, Leading Edge Grand Prix's Pro Mazda operation provides one of the greatest values in motorsports today.

We pride ourselves in providing a race-winning, all-inclusive race program of the highest caliber for our drivers, where there are no hidden costs. Everything is included in our program. Your only additional expense is your helmet and HANS. There is limited liability for crash damage and no hidden or extra charges. What we charge is what you pay and not a penny more, so you can stick to your budget and not have to worry about exceeding it.


Read what our previous drivers and crew members have to say

Konrad Czaczyk -"Joining Leading Edge Grand Prix gave me a great opportunity to show my potential in the inaugural F4 US Championship, delivering a solid car and a great, dedicated crew that stopped at nothing to get the win throughout the whole season." - 2016 Leading Edge Grand Prix F4 driver

Tomy Drissi: “John, I just wanted you to know how lucky I was to drive for you and your team. You not only worked like heck trying to get us the best stuff to drive but you were always looking for sponsors to help bring in more dollars and always putting all of it back into the team to go faster. Thank you.” – Trans Am Champion and current NASCAR Xfinity & IMSA TUDOR PC driver and our former Trans Am Rookie of the Year & ALMS LMP1 driver.

Guy Cosmo: “John Lewis gave me my first opportunity to race in the American Le Mans Series at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2003 with his team. I had just won the Star Mazda championship and John was willing to give me a chance to experience endurance racing for the first time. The experience was incredible and the team was very well run. I had great, experienced teammates in Tomy Drissi & Michael Lewis and a world-class engineer in Buddy Fey. John is extremely passionate about racing, has been involved in the industry in many different ways and never gives up. I'm confident that in any program he puts together, John will do it right. Thanks again for seeing something in me, buddy, and best of luck with your future programs." - Current IMSA Weathertech driver and our former ALMS LMP1 driver.

Raan Rodriguez: "I had the pleasure to race with John Lewis in the Firehawk Series, IMSA Super Cars and the Daytona 24 Hours. In racing you have to surround yourself with good people and there’s no better people than John." - Owner of the RaanSpeed Report and our former Firehawk, IMSA Supercar and EXXON Supreme driver.

Robbie Pecorari: “I would like to thank John Lewis and the team for all of my success that I had with them in the past years. They put on a great program with a great engineering department led by Mark Weida that allowed me to win races in the prestigious Indy lights Series. Throughout the years, John has not only been the Team Boss but also became a good friend and driver manager as well.” - our former Indy Lights driver.

Evan Chance: “My time with John and his team was a great achievement for a small team in American Le Mans prototypes, lead by John Lewis and a great team of Buddy Fey, Tomy, Michael, and Guy. To be part of that team as crew chief was a great time for me.” - Vintage F1 Services and our former ALMS LMP1 & Leading Edge Grand Prix F4 Crew Chief 

Justin Herring: “I have to show appreciation and gratitude to John Lewis and the team for the opportunity to be a part of the team. I had an awesome time over several years working with John and consider him a great friend and mentor. John provided me with the experience to help build my career in motorsports and I will always be greatful.” - Verizon Indycar mechanic for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and our former Formula BMW and Indy Lights chief mechanic.



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